ANNOUNCING! The Ultimate Lifestyle Business 3-day Live Training Event in Sydney at the Crowne Plaza Coogee Beach on the 23rd – 25th October 2015


Yes Mal… I love the idea of creating “MULTIPLE STREAMS OF INCOME” in the ULTIMATE LIFESTYLE BUSINESS and I realise the Information Marketing Business leverages an invisible hands free automated “CASH MACHINE” that literally makes money while you sleep and it is the most powerful “LIBERATING FORCE” ever invented for ordinary men and women to “BREAK FREE” of the work-money link syndrome

“THE INFORMATION MARKETING AND EDUCATION BUSINESS” is the only business that passes my stringent “litmus test” of what constitutes (by my standards) the ideal business to be in

Here is why it’s the best business to be in…

  • Enormously high profit margins
  • No special skill or skills required
  • Live and work wherever you want, when you want
  • There is incredibly high demand for information products and services
  • You can access prospects affordably, predictably and reliably through various media
  • You control the money and there is no one else between you and the money
  • Low startup costs with massive upside potential
  • Little or no staff (yahoo!!)
  • You can dominate the category or niche your moving into
  • Very low overheads (can be run from home, a small office or a holiday resort)
  • Flexible hours so you own your time and enjoy the lifestyle you want
  • Recession proof industry that makes money in good times and bad
  • Little or no risk of failure
  • Can’t be knocked off by competitors easily
Here is just a small sample of Information Marketing leaders I have helped and guided along the way, some didn’t even know this industry existed prior to my training.
  • In fact, the last time I taught my high paying clients how to succeed in the “INFORMATION MARKETING and EDUCATION BUSINESS” back in 2004 it created more first generation millionaires and multi-millionaires in this country than anything else I have EVER TAUGHT
  • And the best news is some of the people I have trained have put their “INFORMATION MARKETING and EDUCATION BUSINESS”on “HANDS FREE AUTOPILOT” that leverages an invisible automated “CASH MACHINE” that literally makes money while you sleep
  • You are about to enter a small “SECRET SOCIETY” of “INSIDERS” switched on to a business model so “LUCRATIVE” it’s made ordinary people wealthy beyond their wildest dreams…